Excellence Program

Our program supports a long term vision and empowers leaders to make the right decisions and achieve maintenance excellence.

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To remain competitive in today’s global market, organizations must define a strategic vision for their asset management program and determine the action plan required to achieve it.

The focus of their plan should be to ensure their asset management program is designed to maximize capacity from existing asset investments and optimize their maintenance costs.

For over 20 years now, we have provided our expertise to organizations all around the world and have helped leaders develop a long term vision and the strategic action plan to achieve it.

SiM’s Maintenance Excellence Program is a structured approach consisting of four main steps
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Define a strategic action plan

We start by defining your asset management policies and assessing your current situation, which will determine the action plan needed to achieve your business transformation objectives.

The assessment includes labor organization, reliability program, data management, maintenance tactics, work management, planning and scheduling, stockroom, procurement strategy and the technologies you have in place to support your processes.

Execute the plan and gain control

We lead you and provide our expertise to ensure the action plan is successfully implemented.

Timely status updates are provided during execution and we ensure the project is completed per set expectations.

Ensure continuous improvement

We help you select the metrics best suited to measure your progress and use the data obtained to drive improvement.

This ensures you will always know where you stand in relation to your targets and allow you to reach and even exceed them.

Become best-in-class

SiM's Maintenance Excellence Program enables you to overcome the obstacles of implementing changes, succeed in achieving your objectives and become best-in-class.

Following implementation, we perform periodic reviews of your maintenance operations at appropriate intervals in order to improve performance levels over time.

Maintenance and reliability processes
Asset management programs
Data collection
Maintenance techniques & tactics (PM, PDM, TPM, RCFA)
PM workload balancing
Efficient planning and scheduling methodology
Stockroom management
Procurement strategy
Key performance indicators
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